Hiring a Web design partner should not be difficult or uncomfortable but rather a commitment.

We do not dispute competitor claims. Our accountability speaks louder than words. That said, we offer some warnings.

To Good to be True
If you're planning to hire a Web site design company or promote your Web site, beware of the following:

  • Cheap, 100% trade-outs or free Web design offers;

  • Proprietary coding and/or software that leads to dead-ends six months after your site is up and running;

  • Web design companies that have never branded a product or service on or off the Web;

  • Designers sharing technical skills rather than sound knowledge of business;

  • Search engine offers that get your site in the No. 1 spot or top 10 listings for less than a tank of gas.

The Search Engine Scam(s)
One of our clients was approached the other day by a salesperson from another Web site design firm. During the course of their conversation, this person informed our client that her Web site was not listed in any search engines. For $400+, the salesperson promised to get our client – who is target marketing the sale of promotional items and advertising specialties from a High Point base – listed in the top 10 of all of the major search directories.
The problem with all of this? Our client is already there!

A simple search using the following keywords – promotional items high point – produced the following results:
Excite Ranking- 13
Google Ranking- 1 out of 17,500,000
Yahoo Ranking- 3 out of 1,740,000
AOL- 1 out of 8,0667

Another search using different keywords – advertising specialties nc – produced these results:
Yahoo Ranking- 14 out of 358,000
AOL Ranking- 19 out of 10,001
Google Ranking 29 out of 2,910,000

The moral of this story: Beware of salespeople bearing gifts you already own. And remember that linking with a Web design partner should be an exercise in trust.

Client Words:
Everything looks great…you're a wonder!!!!
Thanks for all your help.

Judy M.