Many Web developers don’t have a background in marketing or business. They 'wing it' with your resources, risking your success.

Our marketing knowledge comes from years spent working with ‘the big boys’ in corporate America, where we earned our stripes. Thanks to our depth of experience, we can share sound marketing principles and business fundamentals with our clients.

One of the key added values we offer our clients is the opportunity to build on their Web sites’ success through affiliated marketing:

Selected clients are featured in primetime TV spots designed to give maximum exposure to their Web sites. Our TV commercials are target-marketed by demographics and used to brand client domain names.
Look for our Ad-cast with Time Warner coming soon!

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Creative advertising in print publications has proven to be a very successful strategy to build traffic for our clients. You even can track the results using your Web site statistics.
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Online Advertising
Internet marketing has nothing to do with luck. Strategy is the key. We know how to target online advertising to complement clients’ products and/or services, guaranteeing successful placements and lasting partnerships on the Web. I'm a Marty Designs client and want more info.

Our client messages are directed specifically at radio listeners who want, need and can afford the products and services advertised. We offer clients affordable FM radio advertising that works.
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Public relations
Let the world know about your company and your Web site. Our clients from across the USA have received news coverage about their new Internet endeavors as a result of press releases submitted on behalf of each client.



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