Client: EasyCoper
Greensboro, North Carolina

Background: EasyCoper is a patented, durable plastic aid, designed by a professional carpenter out of a need to simplify the coping of crown molding.

Process: The client arrived at the office, tool in hand, stating, "I want to sell this to major hardware stores across the country and online. I have a Web site, but it's not doing anything. I saw you on TV, went to your Web site, and I need your help."

Many designers at this point would have thought, “Ching ching.” Marty took the tool, pondered it, and said, "If I had this in my workshop, I could make cope cuts using a jig saw, and the angle would be correct.... Boom ba, let’s roll!"

We started with Web site development, which provided us with all the details and product knowledge we needed to produce packaging for the product.

To produce maximum sales dollars per square foot at retail, we worked with planograms, the master merchandising diagrams that top retailers use to maintain chainwide consistency.

Product Presentation:
Over the years, we have taken many products to retail. Basically, this one was no different – a great product priced to move rapidly. The mega-chains stand tall as the No. 1 channel in retail and have the power to take a small manufacturer national overnight. Getting on their shelves isn't easy, though. It requires catchy packaging, massive brain power, project experience and relationships. No ad agency pipe dreams with big-time price tags were attached to any part of this project. We turn keyed the whole thing in-house.

Client words during the process:
What a big difference you have made. I can now get my product into retail stores and use the Web site as a tool during trade shows.

Phone: 1-336-375-9401


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