Marty Designs is a dynamic company, jam-packed with risk-oriented players providing low-risk Internet solutions. We do not serve the Multi Level Marketing (MLM), adult or gambling industries. We serve only real companies with actual operations in place and never take on projects that will provide poor Return on Investment (ROI).

Our company stands out in the crowded Web marketplace.  Clients like our friendly, humanistic approach – and our cutting-edge Web site designs. Other Web site design companies even like us, because we can provide them with high-end, fast-loading graphics and technical know-how.  

Over the years since our founding in 1997, we‘ve added oodles of clients, designed more Web sites than we can count and enjoyed lots of laughs – but we take pride in saying that we still work with our first client. The passion for what we do is as strong today at Marty Designs as it was the day we opened for business.







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